Ms. Baranello's class has 24 first grade students. We are in room 7 at the Searingtown School. We have 16 six-year-olds and 8 seven-year-olds! We love coming to school everyday and learning new things. In first grade we learned how to read! Everyday we meet in reading groups to become better readers. We also learn math everyday like addition, subtraction, problem solving and learning how to tell time. In science we learned about bears (mammals), space, weather, plants, and earthworms. We even had a tank full of earthworms in our classroom for us to observe! In social studies we continue to learn about our community, families and friends. Our classroom has a SMARTboard. We love using the SMARTboard to help us learn new things. Each morning, during morning meeting, we forecast the weather by going to the Weather Channel website. We look at the radar map to predict whether it will be an indoor or outdoor day.

We like to think of our class as a family so we always remember to work together and take good care of each other. We love going to gym, music, art and library. We really love lunch and going out for recess. Each week one child in our class gets to be "Super Me". That means they are the "Star of the Week". They get to wear a crown and each day we celebrate them. They get to bring in a poster all about themselves, then we write a book about them, then they share their favorite book with us, and then they get to do a "show and tell" and bring in their favorite snack. It is a very exciting week for them!

We spent two weeks with our Buddy Bears. Our Buddy Bears travelled with us everywhere we went. They even spent a weekend in our homes! We had so much fun teaching our Buddy Bears what it was like to be a first grader!

We hope you enjoy our Buddy Bear Wiki!
Ms. Baranello's Class in the Searingtown Library with their bears!