IV American Academy is an English learning private school, located in Taipei, Taiwan. Students come to IV American Academy to learn how to read, listen, speak and write English. Everyone in this school think of this school as a family. We come to IV American Academy in the afternoon after we dismiss from our Chinese schools. We like to learn English together and share our life with other members of our school.

Mr. Saunders’ K classes have 16 students. Most of us are first graders in Chinese schools. We have a lot of fun learning English! Every day we study, read, and play together. We practice spelling, rhymes, writing, and phonics. We also enjoy coloring and dancing. And we really like to talk. Maybe someday we can tell you all about the animals we know, or how the weather is this week. This semester our school got a SMART Board, which is a cool way to learn, too! The most fun activity we had with SMART Board is “Yellow Duck” dancing. Have you tried dancing to the Yellow Duck?